Charming Fish

These little fishy friends are perfect pin cushions for the on-the-go crafter. They attach neatly to the handle of your embroidery scissors with their metal clip, which also means that you can transfer them to a different pair of scissors or to the zip of your craft bag should you so wish. The tail acts as a perfect place to keep your needle safe until it is required, and the loop on the clip itself is a great place to attach locking stitch markers until you need them. They also make wonderfully cute bag charms. Each fish is approximately 40mm tall by 120mm long from clasp to tail (although sizes may vary depending on the yarn and the size of the beads used), and is hand crocheted by myself to order.

The pattern for the fish itself was designed by the lovely Annmarie Benthem and has been used with her kind permission. A link to this and her other patterns can be found here.

£ 6.00