Milk Chocolate Steampunk Daisy Stitch Marker Maximize

Milk Chocolate Steampunk Daisy Stitch Marker

These beautiful stitch markers have been hand stitched by myself, and are made to order. Each marker comprises of a Dorset button in a steampunk daisy pattern, sewn using a 12wt Egyptian cotton thread, with a beaded centre. They are finished off with a lever back clasp with a width of 16mm and a drop of 36mm approximately. They are so lightweight and are perfect for keeping a crochet stitch safe, marking the beginning of rounds, or keeping track of patterns in whatever project you're currently working on. They also look incredibly attractive on your project bag in between uses! The perfect present for the hooker / knitter in your life (- you can never have too many stitch markers in your project bag!) as well as a tiny piece of crafting history. What's not to love?

This design is also available as a pair of earrings and a pendant (perfect to bring a touch of handmade history to your outfit), as well as in various stitch marker sets. 

Dorset buttons had been hand stitched in Dorset since the 1600s, employing  more than 4000 people at the height of the cottage industry's popularity and sending the buttons they made all over the world. Unfortunately, this came to an abrupt end with the invention of a new button machine that was showcased at the Great Exhibition of 1851, making Dorset buttons obsolete and plunging Dorset families into extreme poverty. The art of Dorset button making was almost lost entirely. Thanks to the efforts of artists and crafters since this time, Dorset buttons have not died out completely. The pattern for this Dorset button design has been created by the incredibly talented Jen Best, champion of the Dorset button, and is used with her kind permission. Should you wish to have a go at making your own Dorset buttons, everything you could possibly need to do so can be found here.