Valerie is a pretty pink Valentine Snail, with a lovely read heart shell and matching red heart antennae. She loves absolutely everything about love, and is, if anything, a little over eager to hear every detail of your love life. In anyone else, such a burning desire to know everything that's going on between you and your Beloved would feel intrusive, but Valerie is such a sweetheart it's impossible not to forgive her when she oversteps. This cute little mollusc carries Valentine's Day in her heart all year long, believing that love is far too important a feeling to keep to just one day.

At approximately 80mm long and 80mm high, Valerie is the perfect little love messenger to send to your loved one for Valentine's Day, or any day for that matter.

Valerie was created using a pattern designed by Ineke Maas of Ienie's Haakwerken, and is used with her kind permission. All of Ineke's lovely patterns can be found here.