Polar Palooza

Polar bears hold a special place here in the Workshop - they are my favourite of all the bears! Every winter all of my polars come out around the house for what has become known as Polar Paloosa. So it was only right that I've now made some of my own to join the fun. Meet Paloosa, and their little chum, Mini P! They are both hand crocheted by me using synthetic yarn with an iridescent filament running through it, which gives them a sparkle just like fresh snow. As well as being stuffed with special toy polyfil stuffing, Paloosa also has a pouch containing poly pellets to give him an extra bit of weight behind his hugs. They are both wearing their very own snowflower Dorset button necklaces, in a colour hand picked by themselves.* Paloosa is approximately 240mm tall and 100mm wide, and Mini P is approximately 115mm tall and 60mm wide.** As each polar is made to order, there will be a 1-2 week make time, which can increase at busy periods. These polars are highly strung, and can be a bit grumpy at times. Because of this, it's not recommended that they're played with by anyone under 3 years old. They're very happy keeping guard on nursery shelves.

The patterns used for Paloosa and Mini P were designed by J A Poolvos of Little Bear Crochets, and are used with her kind permission. Her shop full of patterns can be found here.

*Polars can be notoriously picky when it comes to fashion. As such, each necklace will be designed accordingly to each bear's colour choices. However, if there is a particular colour that you'd like your polar's necklace to be, please drop me a message.
**All measurements are approximate, due to the ticklish nature of the bears, and their inability to stop wriggling when you want them to be still. *sigh*