Brian the Christmas Elf

This little chap is named after Brian, The Midget Workshop's own personal Christmas Elf! Brian has been visiting The Workshop ever since Mr M and I first met him on the ice rink outside the Natural History Museum in December 2007. When he found out that we didn't have a chimney, he sent me the most amazing magic key for us to hang outside on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas to use instead. Apparently using a front door on occasion comes as a welcome change to Santa! Ever since then, Brian has popped in for the odd visit and is the one who brings our Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve. He's such a lovely chap to have as a friend, and I hope he loves this hooked version of himself!

This little Brian is the perfect buddy to have on your Christmas shelf! He loves Christmas movies and songs, twinkly lights (especially ones that do All The Colours), and massive baubles. Unlike other elves you may have on your shelves, little Brian is no snitch - what's the point of passing on information that the Big FC already knows anyway?! So any secrets you may want to share are safe with him! Little Brian is 150mm tall including his hat (he's a little miffed that I've added the 'including his hat' bit) and 75mm wide including his ears (that's not gone down well either!). All of these measurements are approximate, because little Brian kept standing on tiptoes and trying to tuck his ears inside his hat.

Your very own Brian will be crocheted by hand by myself to order, which means a rough lead time of one to two weeks for your order to be created. This time may increase during busy periods. As cute as he is, this little elf is a collectable piece of fibre art, not a toy, and is therefore not suitable for children under 14. He has been hooked using 100% cotton. The awesome pattern I used to hook Brian. was designed by the incredibly talented Olka Novytska of Aradiya Toys, and is used with her very kind permission. This pattern, along with Olka's others, can be found here.