Eira the Snowman

OK, I have one question for you - do you want to build a snowman? No? Of course you don't! As friends go, snowmen are cold, flaky, prone to breaking into unwanted song, here one day and gone the next. So let me hook you up with this little fellow instead...

The lovely Eira is hooked using 100% cotton, and comes with a no puddle guarantee. His natty hat means that he's dressed for even the poshest of winter celebrations, and his carrot nose is firmly attached to his face which means it's safe from even the most persistent carrot-eater (you got that, Barkley?!). He has two 8mm glittery Dorset buttons, hand sewn by me, in a colour to match his hat band to make him extra fancy. Eira loves the winter season especially, but is more than happy to keep you company all year long. He's a personable chap, but is happiest on a shelf watching the world go by. He doesn't like me telling you this (a chap's statistics are rather personal after all), but he's 100mm tall including his hat, and 60mm wide (again, including his hat) on average. He's keen for me to point out that these numbers are approximate, depending on whether he's had some extra mince pies, or is wearing his taller hat.

Your very own Eira will be crocheted by hand by myself to order, which means a rough lead time of one to two weeks for your order to be created. This time may increase during busy periods. If you would like a different colour hat band and set of buttons, please drop me a message before placing your order and I will be happy to help. As cute as he is, this little snowman is a collectable piece of fibre art, not a toy, and is therefore not suitable for children under 14. The awesome pattern I used to hook Eira was designed by the incredibly talented Olka Novytska of Aradiya Toys, and is used with her very kind permission. This pattern, along with Olka's others, can be found