Carol the Happy Little Christmas Tree

I would like to introduce you to Carol, the incredibly happy little Christmas tree. She is the biggest fan of the festive season, and loves absolutely everything about it! She is an understated little tree, but proudly shows off her star adorned with a single shimmering bead on the top of her branches (she very much believes that less is more). As well as Christmas, Carol's twin love is for Bob Ross - who was himself a big fan of happy little trees - and there's nothing she loves more than putting her roots up and watching Mr Ross create one of his half hour masterpieces. A cheerful addition to your favourite shelf, she is 85mm tall to the top of her star, and 60mm wide. These measurements are approximate, because she's ever so ticklish and getting her to sit still was very tricky!!

Your very own Carol will be crocheted by hand by myself to order, which means a rough lead time of one to two weeks for your order to be created. This time may increase during busy periods. As cute as she is, this little tree is a collectable piece of fibre art, not a toy, and is therefore not suitable for children. The awesome pattern I used to hook Carol was designed by the incredibly talented Olka Novytska of Aradiya Toys, and is used with her very kind permission. This pattern, along with Olka's others, can be found here.

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