Ferdinand The Fox

Meet Ferdinand - Ferdy to his very best friends. Ferdy is a pretty easy little chap to live with. He generally loves the quiet life, and is at his happiest in a cosy little spot on a shelf, desk, sofa, or bed (preferably with a view of the TV). He's excellent at keeping secrets, and giving hugs. His favourite season is autumn, and he loves nothing better than taking walks in the autumn sunshine, kicking up leaves as he goes. He wears his autumnal Dorset button necklace all year long as a connection to his most favourite season.

There aren't many things that Ferdy is afraid of, making him an excellent protector. However, he's asked me to mention that he's not overly fond of the vacuum cleaner - not scared, you understand, just not keen - and so may need extra hugs after it's been around.

Ferdinand is a crocheted artist fox, and so is not suitable for anyone under 14 years of age. He has been hooked using acrylic yarn, and has been stuffed with toy stuffing and a pouch of poly pellets to give him a little extra weight. At 22cm tall and 8cm wide, he's currently one of my biggest makes in The Workshop. The pattern I used to create him was designed by J A Poolvos of Little Bear Crochets, and is used with their kind permission. All of Little Bear Crochets' patterns can be found here.

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