Father Christmas

This jolly wee elf needs no introduction - it's the Big FC himself! A man of myth and legend, of speeding sleighs and lots of mince pies, an embodiment of all the magic and fun of Christmas.

This little crocheted version is no less full of magic and wonder, although he is a lot less busy than the actual Big FC. As you can imagine, he is a major fan of everything involved in the festive season, and would love to sit on a well placed shelf so he can watch all of the magic of your own celebrations unfold. It would be a good idea if that shelf was well away from your stash of mince pies and brandy...

This version of Mr Claus is 115mm high from the top of the bobble on his hat, right down to his boots and is 70mm wide. These measurements are only approximate, however, as Santa is incredibly ticklish and wants he gets giggling, there's not much that can stop him!

As cute as he is, this little Santa is a collectable piece of fibre art, not a toy, and is therefore not suitable for children under 14. Father Christmas has been hooked using 100% cotton. The awesome pattern I used to hook him was designed by the incredibly talented Olka Novytska of Aradiya Toys, and is used with her very kind permission. This pattern, along with Olka's others, can be found here.