Black Flame Candle

It's been 330 years, (almost) right down to the day - are the witches back? Have they come to play?... Are you brave enough to own your own unextinguishable Black Flame Candle this All Hallows Eve...? 

From a fire safety point of view, this special hand crocheted candle is a real winner, as it's guaranteed not to set your curtains on fire if left unattended. However, how safe it will keep you on Halloween Night itself is hard to say, and TMW accepts no responsibily for any good zombies or witchy sisters that turn up unannounced on your doorstep, nor any spells - choreographed dance numbers or otherwise - that you find yourself a part of as a result of putting this candle on display. Happy Halloween!!

This candle decoration has been hooked using 100% cotton, is approximately 165mm tall and 65mm wide, and has a solid plastic 3D printed core. This is not a toy and therefore is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 14.

The pattern I used to crochet this make was designed by RoKiKi, and is used with their kind permission. The Skull Drip Candle pattern, along with their other fab patterns, can be found here.